This page describes the peering policies for MAO
PeeringDB AS39526 | AS212546

MAO will peer with other networks at internet exchange points, noting that MAO peers with IX route servers where present.

Peering Requirements
– Use a registered public autonomous system (AS) number;
– Publish valid contact information on PeeringDB;
– Maintain valid AS and prefix records with a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR);
– A peer may only send traffic intended for a destination networks MAO advertises; and
– Static and default routes towards MAO are not allowed.

Optional features if required:
RFC 2385—BGP MD5 authentication.

Peering with MAO on Internet Exchanges
– No traffic volume required. Open peering with any other network.
– BGP sessions are established in IPv4 and IPv6.

Peering with MAO on a private network interconnection
– Traffic with the peer ASN should be at least 10 mbps.
– BGP sessions are established in IPv4 and IPv6.

Maximum Prefixes
IPv4 : 1000 prefixes
IPv6 : 1000 prefixes