This page describes the peering policies of AS-MAO
PeeringDB AS39526 | AS212546

MAO will peer with other networks at internet exchange points, noting that MAO peers with IX route servers where present.

Peering Requirements
Use a registered public autonomous system (AS) number;
Publish valid contact information on PeeringDB;
Maintain valid AS and prefix records with a public Internet Routing Registry (IRR);
A peer may only send traffic intended for a destination networks MAO advertises; and
Static and default routes towards MAO are not allowed.

Optional features if required:
RFC 2385—BGP MD5 authentication.

Peering with MAO on Internet Exchanges
No traffic volume required. Open peering with any other network.
BGP sessions are established in IPv4 and IPv6.

Peering with MAO on a private network interconnection
Traffic with the peer ASN should be at least 10 mbps.
BGP sessions are established in IPv4 and IPv6.

Maximum Prefixes
MAO will announce a maximum of the following (subject to change):
IPv4 : 10 prefixes
IPv6 : 50 prefixes