IP Transit customers can use predefined communities to prepend or deny announcements to specific MAO transit and IX peers. Communities are checked at AS39526 exit points, starting with the most specific (i.e. per- peer communities checked before regional communities).

Allowable values for the regional & peer prepend are 0, 1, 2, 3 & 9 denoting the number of prepends to be applied. MAO’s community support also allows customers to set multiple community actions. For example, simultaneously setting a regional prepend of 1x and a peer- specific prepend of 2x. A prepend of zero is also possible.


Continental/Regional tag
39526:111x Middle East
39526:222x Europe
39526:333x North America

Transit peers tag
39526:100x All Telco/carriers
39526:200x All IaaS providers
39526:110x Telia AS1299
39526:120x GTT AS3257
39526:130x Hurricane AS6939
39526:140x RETN AS9002
39526:210x Constant AS20473
39526:220x Servperso AS34872
39526:230x iFog AS34927
39526:240x NForce AS43350
39526:250x Mythic AS44684
39526:260x Securebit AS58057
39526:270x Heficed AS61317

IX peers tag
39526:300x All IXPs
39526:310x KleyReX
39526:320x LocIX Frankfurt
39526:330x LocIX Dusseldorf
39526:340x NL-IX
39526:350x LL-IX (DE-CIX Frankfurt and AMS-IX)
39526:360x BFD IX
39526:370x EVIX

– Where x is the number of prepends (x=0,1,2,3) or do NOT export (x=9)

PoP tag
39526:500 all JO PoPs
39526:501 Amman 1
39526:502 Amman 2
39526:505 Irbid 1
39526:510 Irbid 2

39526:400 all DE PoPs
39526:401 Interxion Frankfurt
39526:404 Das Werkhaus Frankfurt
39526:406 NewTelco Frankfurt
39526:413 Myloc Dusseldorf

39526:300 all GB PoPs
39526:308 Interxion London
39526:310 Digital Realty London

39526:200 all NL PoPs
39526:211 Iron Mountain Amsterdam
39526:212 Databarn Amsterdam

39526:100 all US PoPs
39526:114 Digital Realty New York